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UltraDot Match II 30 mm all black scope

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Chamber plugs come 10 in a package. Manufactured by LGI.
Scoring overlay. Make sure you get everything thats coming to you!
Weaver base for Model 41 S&W (matches current production barrels factory drilled) Older guns will need to be drilled and tapped (4 holes)

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by on February 6, 2015

This is an excellent product with great optics. Looked at other brands and chose Ultradot Matchdot II based on the quality of the adjustments, reputation and optics. I probably could have saved some because I find I only use the 2 and 4 MOA but wanted to try the other recitles. Other shooters may find them more useful. Be sure to get the correct mounting rings if you are putting this on a 22LR. Deanna was very helpful and set up my Hammerli correctly.

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