Trailside/X-esse scope mount


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This mount uses the barrel weight dovetail for mounting. The weaver-style base extends to the front of the rear sight, providing ample room to adjust for balance. Returns to zero very well after disassembly for cleaning. Fits 6" models only and weight is approx. 6oz.. Look for our heavy model (steel weight)

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by on March 14, 2010

I bought this red dot scope mount for the Hammerli Xesse Comp pistol from Larry's Guns. It fits like the old Madore scope mount on the Hammerli 208 I regretably sold 20 years ago. Fits like a dream and does not lose it's zero. Buy it in confidence.

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by on April 19, 2016

Great mount for the X-Esse. I put on a Burris Fast Fire III without a problem. I tried to put on a Vortex red dot but it would not fit into the slots on the rail. I'm guessing it's a Weaver vs. a Picatinney. It looks like the old Weigand rail for the Trailside.***The Weigand rail was designed by Larry, built by Weigand, so they are similar. The design is weaver style. Larry***

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