Scope Mount, Hammerli 215

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This mount is manufactured for the Hammerli 215. It also fits the Hammerli 208 and 208S models.

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Chamber plugs come 10 in a package. Manufactured by LGI.
LGI has manufactured Hammerli 208 magazines using the original factory process. All parts are made and assembled in the USA. These magazines are compatible with the Hammerli 208(s,) 215(s,) with bottom release as well as older side release models
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by on October 3, 2013

I bought two of these mounts, one for a 208 and the other for a 215. The mounts work. However I got a lot of brass caught between the scope mount and the slide. Simple solution ... ... hacksaw the read of the scope mount so the ejected brass doesn't hit the scope mount. I know three other team members with a 208 and the all did the same thing. Larry, you should change the design of the mount so it doesn't interfere with the ejected brass. The problem is not with the mount. Improperly adjusted magazines cause the pistol to occasionally eject up instead of right. Before you cut the mount, you should have asked for assistance. We have hundreds of these in use around the world and they have no problems if the gun is right. Larry

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by on March 7, 2014

Love the dual locking screws into the barrel dovetail, very solid. Beautifully made and very well designed.

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