LGI triggerbar spring, trailside

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Designed by LGI as a replacement for the flat style factory triggerbar spring. If this spring fails in normal use it will be replaced by LGI. This warranty does not cover breakage caused by improper installation and is void if spring is altered.

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by on February 3, 2012

After reading mixed reviews I bought a used trailside at a local gun show with confidence only because I found Larry's Guns. These great people seem to have everything you need to fix most of the problems i have read about the Trailside and with a discontinued gun with no factory support to seek of, this is very important to have. My factory trigger bar spring broke half way through my fist clip. THATS NO GOOD! But knowing that now I could upgrade to Larry's warrantied and much better design I wasn't that upset. Larry's people were great. They sent me a trouble shooting guide for my pistol and even called me to make sure I was ordering the right part for my pistol. This kind of service is almost unheard of these days and Larry's new spring design works great! Thank you Larry's Guns! I cant say enough great things! Josh Wills

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