Benelli MP-90 .32S&W Long WC

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The Benelli MP-90 World Cup target pistol shows exceptional performance. The firearm can be adapted to cater to the most exacting demands of world class marksman. It is available chambered in .32 S&W Long WC. The MP-90 is only available in the Two Tone Configuration.Note that the receivers are no longer grooved on top, but scope mounts are available. California legal.

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by on May 4, 2008

Wonderful! A great gun. I'd been shooting an accurized K-38 and this is like a walk in the park. >RECOIL is nothing...about like a 22Mag. >Sights are nice and wide. An easy aquisition after the pop-gun recoil >RELIABLE with Fiocchi and my reloads. The only hang up is with Magtech. Last one out of every clip hangs up on the bolt face and doesn't feed. >RELOADS Likes the H&N .313 bullets (under an inch @ 25 sandbagged) Does not like Speer. (4-5 inches) Both 1.5 of Bullseye and 1.7 231 produced tight groups. Also tried WST with lesser results. Take my testing with a grain of salt here...only one 5 shot group of each so far. >RESULTS I'm really happy with it. I just shot an L match (yes, I'm just a club putz) and my scores went up from 801-16 to 861-32. Up 68 points and doubled my X count. Nill grip is a definite plus. I dremeled a tiny bit off to accomodate the fat heel of my hand then put the stippling back on with a 4 penny finishing nail. Looks perfect! It may not be a Pardini but you can't tell me it ain't a great gun!

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by on February 5, 2009

I'm no expert by any streatch of the imagination, but this is a great fun little pistol. Easy to shoot, easy to clean, fairly lightweight, and really accurate at 25yds. It makes me feel like a real bullseye shooter! No recoil to speak of whatsoever. As p***y guns go (go ahead I don't mind), this is one of the best. The Italians may make good pistols - but did I tell you the French actually taught the Italians how to make wine?

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by on June 20, 2017

Put this pistol on you bucket list! I shoot a Toz 35M, Custom Bullseye 1911, S&W 52, S&W 41 Benelli MP95 (with Rink Grips) in 22 LR. This pistol is my favorite of them all. I am very pleased with the quality and accuracy for the price. The MP95 has been going strong for 19 years and abo, I have no doubt this pistol will equal or exceed my past experience with the MP95. The accuracy is Zen like! I love the 32 S&W long, it is a great cartridge-very little recoil and very accurate!

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