Benelli MP-95 Target Pistol (black)

The Benelli MP-95 target pistol shows exceptional performance with its complete range of pistols. It is available chambered in .22 Long Rifle. Black finish. California legal.Note that the receivers are no longer grooved on top, but scope mounts are available.
Benelli MP-95EB-22
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I shoot only one match a year bullseye style. It is the Masters International Pistol Championships held at PASA park in Barry, Illinois. I've owned and shot a Pardini, a High Standard Victor and several Smith & Wesson model 41's, but I have never shot any .22 pistol as well as I shoot this Benelli. I immediately outshot all of my previous scores with this gun. FABULOUS!
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I bought this gun after shooting years of Bullseye competition with Hi Standards, Ruger Mk II, 41 Smith and Marvel Conversion. I bought it mainly because I found it used for cheap or I would have bought the 90 so I would have the adjustable trigger. The Benelli has much better sights than any of the other guns except the Marvel which are about the same. The real difference is the way it kicks. It goes straight back and feels like way more kick than any of the other guns but the part that matters is the barrel doesn't jump. The trigger is pretty good and it also looks like it would be easy to work on. I don't know if I would like the other grips on the 90 better but I doubt it. I have Vitarbo's for the 41 and don't use them. If you also shoot Standard Pistol Matches a gun like this is mandatory.-Bill-
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