Benelli MP 90S World Cup

The Benelli MP-90 World Cup target pistol shows exceptional performance. The firearm can be adapted to cater to the most exacting demands of world class marksman. Chambered in .22 Long Rifle The MP-90 is only available in the Two Tone Configuration. California legal.Note that the receivers are no longer grooved on top, but scope mounts are available.
Benelli MP-90S-22
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Rugers, Buckmarks, Trailside, Beretta 87T, and then I stepped up to a Walther SSP. I like it, but have a few problems with light strikes. However, I was hooked. I wanted another really good 22 pistol, so I bought the Benelli. I've had several BMWs, but only 1 Fiat. I was a little concerned about the quality of an Italian pistol. Well, I was surprised and I really love the Benelli. It is giving me groups as good as the SSP, and doesn't have the over-engineering the SSP has. Not to mention that it was a lot less money. I strongly recommend this pistol. Terry - DFW, Texas
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This is one excellent pistol. It holds everything Benelli promises. Extremely simple mechanics makes it incredibly reliable. 5000 rounds fired so far, not a single alibi in the 3 months I have used this fine piece. I used to shoot - and still do - a S&W41, also a very nice and accurate pistol. However, I moved to the Benelli, because the 41 gives me an alibi on average every 100 rounds. It fails to cycle reliably, unless you are using very hot ammo, which is not the idea for high level target comp. Standard velocity just won't cycle reliably in the 41, but I have not had a single issue with the Benelli so far. One thing about the Benelli: It uses a synthetic replaceable buffer, which has to be exchanged when it shows signs of cracking. I just changed my first buffer, a $ 5 item. So, every 100,000 shots, you have to budget for $ 100 of buffers. Just something to be prepared for.... Oh, one more thing: It is incredibly accurate out to 50 yards. You can't go wrong with this pistol!!! J, Texas
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